What Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi says about Greece and Greeks

I think that this will hopefully tell the Greeks to stand up, and remember that 2,500 years ago it was you, the small nation, that showed the world the way to civilization. Now the world needs you again. And if you follow this call you will go down in world history a second time as the saviour because there are many smaller nations that are now prepared to stand up and stop this madness. They need a leader and no country and no nation is more suited to lead these countries than Greece. So what you have to do is the elite of Greece, your leaders, must come together with the citizens of Greece and join forces. Don’t fight against each other. Remember that you are now called to unite yourselves, the elite and the people. And if you lead the world back to freedom you will see that all your problems, and I know you have a lot of problems in Greece, will be solved because the world is going to stand up and applaud you and reward you for what you have done.

Comment from W.H.: Dr. Bhakdi’s words are inspiring and hopefully not just wishful thinking. But it is important to know something about Greece: the ideas that have more influence over the thinking of Greeks themselves are not necessarily derived from classical Athens and ancient Greece – these are aspects that have been encouraged by “the West” to take many Greeks’ minds off dreams of Constantinopole and Byzantine revival. The strongest forces in Greece coming out against lockdowns, inappropriate quarantines and compulsory universal “vaccinations” with genetic engineering technology may well draw their inspiration from notions of the role of Christian Orthodoxy that resonate very little in Western Europe.

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