by Ian Baldwin (Vermont Independent)

The basic situation here is the two Americas. Two CLASSES (yes, classes). On one side, the college-educated and post-grad professionals who make up the software developer and digital engineering class, the media class (all of it, on every layer and in every sector of it), the government bureaucrat and legislator class, the lawyer and medical class, the management class, the university professor class, in short all the folk who do just fine thank you, armed with their laptops, during a politically driven “Lockdown.”

On the other side of the Great American Divide are the folk who do farming, manual labor (construction, etc.), services, hair salons, trucking, hauling, electrical and plumbing repair, small retail either as owner-operators or employees, gas station operators and mechanics, small grocers and cafe owner-operators, people who depend on way or another on living—not virtual—walk-in customers, etc. Included in this class are the low-wage workers of the “winners” of the Lockdown Covid crisis, all the people working in low-level-functionary jobs for Walmart, Amazon, and other giant retail operations that directly benefit from Lockdown.

The hatred that lofts over the heads of these two camps, which, like electricity itself, rides on polarity, that hatred is deep and out-of-control. The battery for it resides within the professional classes. Which class hires professional anarchists or hit men to fan the flames of the other is a subject for investigation. But a man like Soros is very very good at this dirty work. 

Whatever. The specter of totalitarianism, however, resides with the educated classes—an exact reversal of 1917. The “educated” of course form the “liberal” and now liberal totalitarian Democratic Party, and more specifically its ugly DNC head. They are urban and ostensibly urbane. More exactly they are cosmopolitan: they firmly believe the world is their oyster. They relate to their exact counterparts in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Central, South and East Asia far easier and more naturally than they do with the untervolk of their own country.

The main point is privilege has been expanded over many decades to include most people who describe themselves as educated, especially professionally educated, who are then employed with laptops in a wide variety of “professions.” But by itself this does not explain the depth of the hatred these people have come ineluctably to feel for all those who live on the other side of their sunny side of the street. Hilary named them: the deplorables.

The educated professional classes work for—get their money from—specific deep, structural class interests. For abbreviation’s sake, the Fortune 500. Now the Fortune 500 are not new entities. Some existed when Marx wrote Das Capital. They were then, and have always been, globalists. After 150+ years of global growth they want to bury the nation-state and the “international” nation-state system. And now they have a big constituency: all the non-deplorables of the world.

The reason they, the globalist class leadership, are desperate (to put it mildly) to rid themselves of Trump no later than January 2121, is that Trump’s put the brakes on their world-governance project. This is now a fight to the death.

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