Raul “Ilargi” Meijer on Assange

Lawrence Davidson: Julian Assange and the Fate of Journalism

Julian Assange is the Australian founder of Wikileaks—a website dedicated to the public’s right to know what governments and other powerful organizations are doing. Wikileaks pursues this goal by posting revelatory documents, often acquired unofficially, that bring to light the criminal behavior that results in wars and other man-made disasters. Because Wikileaks’ very existence encourages “leaks,” government officials fear the website, and particularly dislike Julian Assange.

Essentially, Wikileaks functions as a wholesale supplier of evidence. Having identified alleged official misconduct, Wikileaks seeks to acquire and make public overwhelming amounts of evidence—sometimes hundreds of thousands of documents at a time—which journalists and other interested parties can draw upon. And since the individuals and organizations being investigated are ones ultimately responsible to the public, such a role as wholesale supplier of evidence can be seen as a public service.

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Comment by Ilargi:

This starts out all right, albeit with all things that 1000 others have said before, but at the end goes completely off the rails by singling out FOX as a source of ‘confirmation bias’. But we all know what FOX wants. Its the others that hide their intentions behind a veil of credibility, not FOX. It’s CNN, NYT, WaPo who keep up the pretense of objective news. Not FOX, their audience and targets are well defined.
There is of course the question of what side Assange himself would prefer today. If one side appears to stand up for him, it would seem to be the right side.


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