Epirus Threatened with Environmental Devastation

‌In periods of economic crisis such as the one that Greece is going through today, the environment is considered to be less important, because there are more pressing needs for liquidity. When money is missing, governments look for it anywhere – at any cost: funds that are destined for environmental protection programs end up elsewhere. Environmental  protection mechanisms slacken. Untapped mineral resources suddenly look like the chicken with golden eggs and the …applied macroeconomic policy begins to leave deeper footprints in the environment.

It is indeed inconceivable to discuss hydrocarbon mining in places like Epirus and the Ionian, and indeed in valuable areas such as the North Pindos National Park, with its wonderful landscapes and the natural wealth they possess. The developmental program of these areas should rely on these natural advantages and not endanger them! When the planet is in fossil fuel dependency or and there is a problematic of addressing anthropogenic climate change, Greece’s choice to turn to hydrocarbons is politically short-sighted and undermines any attempt to change its course towards clean energy and real sustainable growth.

Nikos Vakolidis

Hellenic American Democratic Association 23rd April 2018

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