I start from the function in Aegina on 14th June, the most recent episode in a years-long effort for promotion of a pan-European citizens’ initiative with Aegina as its starting point. The initiative was reinforced by the pre-election visit to Aegina by the SYRIZA parliamentarian Costas Douzinas (as member of a SYRIZA delegation), who agreed to participate in the endeavour to implement this idea. Of course there is also the effort being made by DiEM25, the pan-European citizens’ movement founded by Yanis Varoufakis and his collaborators. DiEM25 in turn founded in Greece the political party MERA25, which now has representation in the Greek Parliament. Perhaps there are alternative scenarios for those who are interested in the idea of a functioning European citizens’ movement aimed at establishing an independent and democratic citizens’ European Union with a social and non-threatening identity. 1) DiEM25.  In the past DiEM25 was mixed up with the attempt to found a political party, an objective which has now been achieved, at least in Greece. My position is that this gives the opportunity to DiEM25 to acquire an independent character. This is something that did not exist in the past. In February 2017 Yanis Varoufakis specifically excluded the … Continue reading

The Truth About SMART Cities

This video may appear incompatible with the general editorial line of this site. In fact it is part of a problematic that is being developed in a political milieu that is almost hermetically sealed from the problematic recognized by “our” milieu. One of the few possible bridges would be Julian Assange who, although the subject of dispute among us also, is a person – of even “the” person – who could give the most enlightening information on the subject of “smart cities”. And he is safely locked away and incommunicado: an indictment not only on those who have committed this crime but also on us who have failed to prevent them from committing it. … Continue reading

European Union and the Future? Function on the prospects for the European Union

SOURCE: Aegina Portal At eight o’clock on 14th June in the auditorium of the First Primary School of Aegina an interesting function was held entitled “European Union and the Future”. The aim of the function was to examine present prospects for the European Union and discuss them, following the recent elections. Organized by the Aegina Association of Active Citizens, the function was introduced and moderated by Mr. Stratos Pantavos. The speakers were William Mallinson, professor in Political Ideas and Institutions at the Guglielmo Marconi University in Italy, the journalist Vasso Kanellopoulou and Nikos Vakolidis, founding member of Greek section of the international defence group for Julian Assange Unity4j. Stratos Pantavos: Good evening.  Thank you HP, the president of the Association of Active Citizens, who launched today’s talks and meeting, on a subject in which the Active Citizens have been very much involved in recent years, the subject of Europe, Greece’s entry into Europe, our relations as citizens with Europe, and the future of Europe, concern about Europe, are something that we have been engaged with for a very long time, starting from what seems distant now, 2008, when we organized the very significant day-conference entitled “Capodistrias Spinelli Europe“, a very … Continue reading

Christchurch Terror Attack

Note three things: de facto the gunman is being put on trial not for mass murder but for his alleged ideas. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/03/19/new-zealand-shooting-stop-brenton-tarrant-turning-trial-platform/ Conspiracy theorists are busy discrediting themselves by denying that the attack was real or that anyone was killed https://jamesfetzer.org/2019/03/scott-bennett-the-new-zealand-shooting-what-happened-and-why/ They are quite aggressive towards anyone who tells them they are deluded Harold Saive says “Max Igan is wrong (or lying) in his analysis of the Tarrant video. A reasonable person would never agree with Igan that the video proves people were really shot. Analysis by Scott Bennett, former military. Open your eyes and assimilate” (from Harold Saive) Here is a plausible analysis from Max Igan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVFo3UUnIGQ Also, factor in this input from Suzie Dawson: https://consortiumnews.com/2019/03/15/misguided-spying-and-the-new-zealand-massacre/ … Continue reading

The World Has Just Witnessed The Most Vulgar And Disgusting “War Memorial” Ceremony in History

SOURCE Expectations for the centenary memorial to mark the end of the First World War were always low. Long before the first jumbo-jets carrying world leaders and other dignitaries touched down in Paris, the event was already being discussed in terms that made it feel more like a G20 style summit than a legitimate event to mourn the veterans of the world’s most disastrous war. Yet even with these low expectations in mind, the event’s descent into the hellish pits of vulgarity could not have been fully anticipated. The morose spectacle of the progeny of the aggressive victors of the First World War acting as though there was anything remotely moral, ethical or righteous about their victory was enough to turn the stomach of the most well tempered observer of world events. Adding to this, the very presence of the Russian President was downright maddening as Russia was utterly destroyed by the events following from the country’s undignified exit from the First World War and entry into a blood-soaked civil conflict whose aftermath haunts much of western Eurasia and eastern Europe to this day. To this day, millions of Russians around the world are refugees as a result of the … Continue reading