What Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi says about Greece and Greeks

I think that this will hopefully tell the Greeks to stand up, and remember that 2,500 years ago it was you, the small nation, that showed the world the way to civilization. Now the world needs you again. And if you follow this call you will go down in world history a second time as the saviour because there are many smaller nations that are now prepared to stand up and stop this madness. They need a leader and no country and no nation is more suited to lead these countries than Greece. So what you have to do is the elite of Greece, your leaders, must come together with the citizens of Greece and join forces. Don’t fight against each other. Remember that you are now called to unite yourselves, the elite and the people. And if you lead the world back to freedom you will see that all your problems, and I know you have a lot of problems in Greece, will be solved because the world is going to stand up and applaud you and reward you for what you have done. Comment from W.H.: Dr. Bhakdi’s words are inspiring and hopefully not just wishful thinking. But … Continue reading

Announcement by the Ethnikoi Hellenes of Aegina (YSEE) on the attitude and approach of the island’s committee to the bicentenary of the Revolution

https://www.facebook.com/sorisaris/posts/10219015225357124 In one of his lectures, mentioning the cheerful mood that appeared to be prevailing during the laying of wreaths at the statues of heroes on national anniversaries, the astrophysicist Manos Danezis said: “We are happy standing here because we are not in their position. Who would really like himself/herself or his/her children to be in the position of Kolokotronis, or Bouboulina, or Capodistrias? Who would want to be a statue? Precisely that, the dessicated, empty and desolate mood, the absence of lightness, is what is being reproduced by the Aegina committee for the bicentenary of the Revolution. With the perspective of the world of sales and psychiatry, Capodistrias has become something sleek, like a project for a museum showcase. The dominant economic and intellectual “elite” of this island, of every political hue and rank, has seized the unexpected lifeline of the Governor’s timeless renown. They borrow a little radiance from the reflected starlight to project it onto the stage of their other-directedness. They feel they are offering something to the collectivity, doing their part towards the common goal, which is nothing other than the promotion of the island. In Aegina, where the tourism monoculture is already showing its teeth, … Continue reading

Aegina: celebration of the anniversary of the swearing in of Ioannis Capodistrias 2021

The president of the 2021 Committee of the Municipality of Aegina, Mr. Manolis Kottakis, speaking today to Aegina Portal, offered a first assessment of the work and activity of the committee. He also mentioned what the committee is programming for the coming period. https://www.aeginaportal.gr/aftodioikisi/epitropes/29687-o-manolis-kottakis-kanei-ena-proto-apologismo-tis-epitropis-2021-tou-dimou-aiginas-kai-parousiazei-ton-programmatismo-tis-epomenis-periodou.html On the occasion of the celebration of the arrival and swearing-in of Ioannis Capodistrias on our island, I want to give a briefing on what the Municipality of Aegina and the local committee for 2021 has done up to now, and what we are planning, bearing in mind that everything remains unsettled because of developments with the pandemic. “The Phoenix” on the numismatic programme of the 2021 National Committee. The committee started work in July 2020 and between then and now we have succeeded in having the “Phoenix”, the Greek State’s first coin included on the official numismatic programme of the 2021 National Committee. In this way our island attracted publicity through the “Phoenix” also, in all of Greece. The Capodistrian buildings on the television channel of the Parliament We also managed through the television channel of the Parliament to have an exceptional programme screened with participation from Mrs. Theologidiou, father Emmanuel Giannoulis and Giorgos Bitros, … Continue reading

The Great Reset

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQulGSF18OM It’s not only a great reset. It’s a great deception. Replacing mum and dad’s small businesses and private enterprises with big tech and big business. Democracy and free enterprise go out the window. Totalitarian government control slides in through the back door. The Great Reset explained in five minutes. Those behind this scheme are adamant that there can’t be and never will be a return to normal, that life will never again be what it was prior to COVID. That is why they constantly talk about “the new normal”. Is this what our future will look like? The World Economic Forum meets every January in Davos. You’ll have heard of the expression “Davos Man”. It refers to all the zillionaires and pop stars and popes and princes and politicians who meet every year to map out our futures. This year’s Davos is very very different to all the previous ones. The World Economic Forum, along with the United Nations along with the International Monetary Fund and along with any number of prominent globalist organizations and powerful individuals, including Prince Charles, together have jointly promised that the 2021 World Economic Forum will be used to introduce, via a vast network … Continue reading

The Screen New Deal

SOURCE: Avgi (Greek) A few months ago the Green New Deal was the new central and highly urgent demand on the political agenda, with the consequences of climate change expanding in tension and environmental costs. MODUS OPERANDI… …a column on the way things are operating Dora Kotsaka A few months ago the Green New Deal was the new central and highly urgent demand on the political agenda, with the consequences of climate change expanding in tension and environmental costs. It had concentrated very broad political alliances, it had been documented scientifically and elaborated in public relations terms to a level where as a demand it was considered “politically mature”. A great amount of public funding is required for a Green New Deal and for that reason it is a political gamble that meets with intense reactions – particularly in countries like the USA where a broad section of the population is sceptical of the very existence of climate change. The state coffers are limited in their capacity and the all-powerful corporate and other lobbies throw all their resources into the arena for the sake of diverting the flow of public monies towards reinforcement of their own vested interests. After the … Continue reading